Spokes Double Butted

  • You must order at least 5 items. One of the most versatile spokes in our line-up. The DT competition® spoke is made strong through a double butting process, strengthening the spoke and making it perfect for many applications.
  • You must order at least 5 items

    The award winning DT revolution® spoke. The lightest round spoke we manufacture. It is perfect for the rider looking to find the lightest round spoke for any wheel application. This spoke definitely is ready for heavy use and lightweight performance.
  • You Must Order At Least 5 Items

    The Laser is a reasonable priced lightweight spoke. The thin middle section of 1,5mm needs special care while building up the wheel. You may have to use a pliers to hold the spoke to prevent the spokes from winding up. Only experienced wheel builders should mount up wheels with this spoke.
  • You must order at least 5 items

    Race is the most popular double butted spoke of Sapim. Build up tension is easy, much less torsion and not as elastic as the Laser spokes are the key points. The Race provides a better shock absorption thanks to its thin middle section than non butted spokes. Dealers say about this traditional spoke: “Never change a winning team…”